13 March, 2021

Thank God this Man Never Became a Supreme Court Justice Part 2

Garland doesn't seem to know much about anything during questioning (hotair.com)

What Garland is doing here seems obvious. He doesn’t want to wade into any hot-button topics for fear of antagonizing the Senators from either party and giving some of them an excuse to not vote for him. He’s hardly the first cabinet nominee to play these games and he won’t be the last. But the guy is asking to be approved to be the chief law enforcement official in the country. If he’s really “never thought about” any of these questions and “doesn’t have an opinion” on them, how is he claiming to be qualified to do the job he’s asking for? That’s an awful lot of studying to have to do on day one to get up to speed.

I understand straddling the fence. Even SCOTUS appointees do it, often arguing “I can’t speculate on how I might rule on hypothetical cases”, but AG is a bit different. You’re the chief enforcer of the law. What does the law mean to you? How are you going to enforce it. Again, Senators can’t ask about specific points. Well, they can, but in those instances Garland is entitled to give them the finger. But explaining your thoughts on the Second Amendment is frankly a requirement for the job. If you won’t do it, you can’t have the job.

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