13 March, 2021

Cuomo was the Worst, But he wasn’t the Only One

Move over Cuomo? Democratic officials facing heat for herding COVID patients into nursing homes | Just The News

Now feeling heat over a similar policy is Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, whose administration last year also directed nursing homes to accommodate patients who were infected with COVID-19.


According to the COVID Tracking Project, the states with the three highest totals of nursing home deaths — California, New York and Pennsylvania — all implemented versions of the same policy. When adjusted to percentage of total COVID deaths in each state, however, those states' rankings tumble, suggesting a more complex picture. Still, the markedly high raw numbers of care facility deaths in such states have helped fuel ongoing controversy and criticism among pundits as well as family members of deceased residents, many of whom are demanding answers.

The odd thing is that all of this was known last summer. Why wasn’t it newsworthy then? What changed?

Oh yeah. President Donald Trump (R-USA) was defeated. So, now we can tell the truth about Democrats.

I hate the media.

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