13 March, 2021

‘This is Freedom Right Here’

A break from the depressing news.

Fox News' Will Cain Ecstatically Celebrates Reopening Of Texas At Crowded Diner - 'This Is Freedom Right Here' (lifezette.com)

Damn straight.

On Tuesday, businesses in the great state of Texas were finally allowed to open at 100% capacity, if they chose to do so. Fox News host Will Cain went viral the next day as he gleefully celebrated the reopening at a packed Texas diner.

Cain was at Bill Smith’s Cafe in McKinney, Texas, for a Breakfast with Friends event when he appeared on “Fox & Friends” via livestream.

“Let me show you what 100% capacity looks like,” a visibly excited Cain said. “This is freedom right here.”

I still want to move to Texas.

Come on Indiana, get on the bus.

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