13 March, 2021

Wonderful if it Happens, But Many have Tried Before

Trump Will Exact His Revenge On Murkowski for Her Vote – PJ Media

“I will not be endorsing, under any circumstances, the failed candidate from the great State of Alaska, Lisa Murkowski,” Trump said in a statement first reported by Politico. “She represents her state badly and her country even worse. I do not know where other people will be next year, but I know where I will be — in Alaska campaigning against a disloyal and very bad Senator.”

She’s a corrupt big government moderate from a very right-wing independent small government state, and yet she remains in office. She won election despite not even being on the ballot. Alaskan politics is almost as corrupt as Louisiana and she is the current leader of what former Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK) used to call “the Good Ole Boys Club”. She has immense power where it counts, in the board rooms and country clubs in Alaska.

I wish Trump luck, but I’m not sure that this is a fight he can win.

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