13 March, 2021

Impeach Him!

Biden fires EEOC general counsel for protecting religious rights | Power Line (powerlineblog.com)

What, then, is there to dislike about Gustafson? The only thing I can think of is her vigorous opposition to discrimination based on religion in the workplace which, in the context of one piece of EEOC litigation, has displeased LGBT activists.

Religious discrimination cases make up only five of the 93 merits cases the EEOC has filed under Gustafson. Clearly, her concern with religious discrimination is not crowding out litigation to combat other forms of unlawful discrimination.

Gustafson did establish a Religious Discrimination Work Group that hosted a series of listening sessions in which a diverse group of representatives, including Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, and Sikhs, recommended ways the EEOC could improve its response to employees who experience religious discrimination. The report on the work of this group was posted on the EEOC’s website.

Almost immediately after Biden’s inauguration, the report and accompanying press release were removed from the website. Similarly, an 8-minute podcast on the Religious Discrimination Work Group’s listening sessions was removed. Now, Biden wants to remove Gustafson, herself.

General Counsels are appointed for four year terms. She was confirmed in August of 2019. President Joe Biden (D-USA) has no basis for her firing, and it’s unclear if he even has the authority to do so. This is merely a partisan power grab, one of many we have seen so far from this administration.

Unity, my a$$.

Impeach him! He’s flouting the law!

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