13 March, 2021

The ACLU has Become the Anti-Civil Liberties Union of Late, But They are Correct on this One

Congress Shouldn’t Be Fenced Off to the People it Represents (aclu.org)

The Capitol buildings and grounds are quintessential places for free speech and protest, accessible by people from all walks of life who gather there to express their views, demonstrate, picket, and hold vigils. But if those places are permanently fenced off, the public and our constitutional right to assemble and protest will be in jeopardy.

That is why the ACLU and the ACLU of the District of Columbia are urging leaders of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate not to permanently fence off the Capitol, which would turn its architecture into a national symbol of fear and hostility towards the public’s presence. The seat of a government of, by, and for the people must not be fenced off from the people.

I can’t argue with any of that, or say it better myself. Tip o’ the hat to the ACLU for finally finding a civil liberty they’re still willing to defend.

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