13 March, 2021

Analysis: True.

The Media Could Have Saved Lives if They Covered Cuomo Half as Critically as They Did Trump’s Ice Cream by Adam Weiss (townhall.com)

Don’t remember the ice cream incident? Let’s roll the tape:

In 2017, President Donald Trump invited reporters, including CNN, to a dinner at the White House as a gesture of goodwill to get to know them. Nobody can tell you what happened during that dinner, about any interesting tidbits journalists may have learned about what was happening at the top level of our government, but they can tell you how many scoops of ice cream the president consumed.

This is because for weeks following the dinner, there were hundreds of stories about how President Trump had two scoops of ice cream, while everyone else had one. Nobody asked for a second, of course, but the implication was that the president is rude and thoughtless, punishing the misbehaving media by giving them less ice cream.

Ah. If only the media had been as diligent recording Governor Andrew Cuomo’s (D-NY) transgressions. A point the article makes abundantly clear:

If Cuomo’s handling of the coronavirus had faced half the level of scrutiny that the ice cream did, perhaps the public would have been informed and been able to protect themselves and their elderly loved ones. Instead, the governor was granted gushing segments with his brother on CNN, given an undeserved Emmy, and paraded around as the hero — up against the villain Trump.

Instead of asking questions and digging for answers, the media ran cover for Cuomo as New Yorkers suffered. The state is now a shell of the beautiful place that it once was.

I still say he deserves the Emmy. I didn’t see a better acting job all last year.

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