13 March, 2021

Reminder to The Washington Post—Democracy Dies in Darkness

Trump transparency being erased by Biden (washingtonexaminer.com)

Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson said that the Trump administration disclosure policy is needed and that a similar legislative package was backed by then-Sen. Kamala Harris.

Meanwhile, agencies, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement, are taking down Twitter and other social media accounts, and the press is starting to chafe at getting little access to Biden, who has yet to hold a press conference as president.

The campaign to erase Trump-era transparency shouldn’t be a surprise, however. During the Obama-Biden administration, similar efforts drew a sharp rebuke from media groups and news executives, including the former top editor of the Washington Post.

Well, how about it, WaPo? That’s your tagline? Are you going to go after the Biden administration for their restrictions upon transparency? Are you serious about this? Or was it all just a way of attacking Trump?

I think I know the answer.

I suspect that you do too.

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