13 March, 2021

This is at ‘The Babylon Bee’, so it’s Satire—Maybe it Should be at ‘Not The Babylon Bee’

Man Glad He's American So He Doesn't Have To Pretend To Care About Royal Family | The Babylon Bee

I know that describes me.

HUMBLEVILLE, TX—Local man Craig Trudeau gave thanks to the good Lord above today that he's an American so he doesn't have to pretend to care about the royal family at all.

Trudeau said he is extremely humbled and grateful to have been born in the best country ever created by God, especially because it means he doesn't have to care about Meghan Markle or Prince Harry.

It’s funny. Read the whole thing. And remember, it’s a farce, okay? Craig Trudeau doesn’t exist. Ok, there probably is someone out there named Craig Trudeau, but he’s not the Craig Trudeau in this piece.

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