13 March, 2021

Joe Biden Really Looks Unwell

Another Biden Bumble - He Can't Remember the Name of His Own Defense Secretary – PJ Media

Watch this clip. It’s not just him stumbling over names and words. Look at him, his face, his movements. This is not a healthy person. President Joe Biden (D-USA) looks more tired after two months of being President than Donald Trump (R-USA) did after four.

The fact that this keeps happening is not what should bother Americans. Instead, the problem is no one in the corporate media is talking about it. In the last several weeks, Biden mangled the names of longtime Democrats in Texas and had had his live feed cut when he offered to take questions following a virtual meeting. His press secretary has had to answer questions about when he will have a solo press conference.

What we are seeing could easily be described as cruelty to a senior citizen. In an ordinary world, his family would be fined and possibly jailed for this, and Biden would be removed forcibly from their control.

I never understood how anyone could vote for a person with these kind of apparent cognitive difficulties. I get Trump hatred, but how could your hatred of Trump blind you to the fact that this man is clearly unfit for command?

And yet, so many of you did. Well, now we’re all getting ringside seats in the decline of the Presidency.



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