13 March, 2021

Of Course the Tax Code is Racist—It’s Designed to be. It Discriminates Against White Males

INSANE! Bloomberg Businessweek Cover Story Questions 'Is the Tax Code Racist?' | Newsbusters

Oh, I’m looking at the actual article here, and they miss the boat:

America’s Tax Code Leaves Black People Behind: Dorothy Brown – Bloomberg

Well, parts of it possibly. We have both an incredibly progressive and an incredibly regressive tax code. Our income taxes are ridiculously progressive, and since blacks tend to be lower on the economic scale, they benefit there. However, other taxes beyond income taxes, such as gasoline taxes, lotteries, government fees, etc. tend to be incredibly regressive. In those cases, this person from Bloomberg may have a point.

Based on the headline, I doubt that’s her point though. If I wasn’t so far behind on news, I’d take the time to read it, but not today. I’ll add it to my “TODO” list though. Perhaps I’ll revisit this post someday if I find she has something relevant to add or to criticize.

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