18 October, 2021

You Forgot the Scare Quotes

YouTube clamps down further on vaccine misinformation – Neowin

Some of these claimed new policies contradict direct evidence that I’ve previously blogged about, but whatever. The whole thing stinks.

In a blog post, YouTube said that it’s updating its policies surrounding vaccine misinformation in a bid to tackle vaccine hesitancy while maintaining a degree of freedom on the platform. Content questioning the safety of vaccines, their efficacy, or the ingredients of vaccines will be generally banned from the platform but there will be some exceptions.

To help maintain some freedom of the platform, YouTube will allow content that opens public debate around the scientific process of developing vaccines, content about vaccine policies will be allowed, information about vaccine trials will be allowed and content about historical vaccine successes or failures will be allowed. Furthermore, YouTubers can upload videos about their personal testimonies of taking the vaccine as long as it doesn’t violate other Community Guidelines and as long as the channel doesn’t have a “pattern of promoting vaccine hesitancy”.

I just thought of an interesting way to side-step this. I wonder…

Anyway, this is just another example of a company self-appointing itself as the gatekeeper of “truth”. We can not allow that.

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