18 October, 2021

For Once I’m on CNN’s Side

CNN to stop posting on Facebook in Australia after outlets are forced to be liable for reader comments (reclaimthenet.org)

Normally, anything that’s bad for Facebook is fine by me. But people and businesses should be free to say what they wish without being held liable for what some other idiot thinks about what they said.

After Australia’s top court ruled earlier this month that publishers were legally responsible for comments made below stories, CNN is becoming the first major news organization to stop posting on Facebook.

If more local and foreign news organizations follow suit, the decision could have significant repercussions for Australians’ access to news information on their social media feeds.

Defamation attorneys accuse Australia of failing to keep up with technological advancements and point to the United States and the United Kingdom, where the law primarily protects publications from being sued for the remarks of their users. The decision has drawn widespread condemnation.

If enough companies follow suit, that might exert enough pressure on the Australian courts to revisit this decision.

One can only hope.

Thank God, this isn’t Biden’s America. Yet.

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