15 October, 2021

Because So Far, They’re Only Attacking a Certain Kind of Journalist

Why isn't the media more upset about Antifa's attacks on journalists? – HotAir

Often Antifa’s violence seems to be covered without condemnation by journalists, some of whom (Chris Cuomo comes to mind) have actively defended the group in the past while pretending that violence and destruction just sometimes happen and aren’t the group’s foundational principles.

The media tends to be less willing to condemn Antifa’s violence against journalists if the journalists themselves aren’t left wing. So when Andy Ngo gets beaten and put in the hospital CNN is suddenly not sure who is responsible despite video of black bloc people punching him. And later, when there is graffiti in Portland calling for Ngo’s murder, the major media doesn’t mention it at all. Any time a crowd of Trump fans jeered at CNN it was considered newsworthy but if a group of violent anarchists who previously put a right-leaning reporter in the hospital now say they want him dead, it’s crickets.

Liberals are disgusting people.

This is what liberals mean by “tolerance” and “understanding”. Oh, and of course, “anti-fascism”.

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