14 October, 2021

Ben & Jerry Are Idiots. They Should Shut Up and Stick To Making Bad Ice Cream.

Ben & Jerry's declares policing 'racist,' backs Cori Bush's policing bill | Fox Business

In a press release Monday, Ben & Jerry’s encouraged fans to sign a pledge supporting the bill.

"With its origins in white supremacy and slave patrols, American policing is violent, racist, ineffective, and punitive — it wasn’t built to ensure, and cannot guarantee, the health, safety, and well-being of all Americans," the left-wing, Vermont-based company said. "Together with a criminal legal system that criminalizes poverty and Black and Brown people, policing is tearing communities and families apart.

Actually, this is fitting now that I think about it. Their ice cream makes me physically ill, and so do their repugnant beliefs.

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