14 October, 2021

Why God Created Dogs

TaxProf Blog (typepad.com)

Karl Rove on the passing of his nearly three year old cocker spaniel.

For 18 months this loving, joyous spirit was a big part of our family. On vacation the Saturday before last, we slept in, Little Bit wedged right up against me for warmth. We went for her morning business, then she ran cheerfully through the hotel to report to Karen and snuggle more, rising after a while for breakfast. A few minutes later, she went into convulsions. She recovered somewhat on the frantic ride to the vet’s but was gone within the hour.

I’m no theologian, but believe God grants us pets to encourage us to give and receive unconditional love—to see loyalty personified and to remind us that we must balance joy and delight with loss and grief in this transitory life.

Pets are hugely important. Our family just adopted the mother of our five year old German Shepherd. The mother is nine. People ask why we would want such an old dog. This dog has been a breeder her whole life. She’s not gotten to experience what it means to be a dog. And while I’m sure her humans loved her, they had a lot of dogs to deal with and puppies coming in and out. We wanted to give her a home for her last few years where she could have fun and know that she’s loved.

We’ve only had Kendra a few months, but she has become a part of us, and clearly loves being here. She’s happy. And she makes us happy.

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