16 October, 2021

“Nobody Wants Your Racist Nonsense in Del Rio”

If only more people would say this sort of thing to the Reverend Al Sharpton.

VIDEO: Texans Shout Down Al Sharpton's Border Speech, 'We Don't Want Your Racism In Texas, Get Outta Here' - National File

“Kids are being sedated at the U.S. border, why are you not being a voice for the children, why are you stoking racism where it doesn’t exist?” protesters asked a visibly uncomfortable Sharpton, who repeatedly turned his head and craned his neck to look behind himself as the jeering continued.

“Why are you coming and trying to provoke violence? Why are you here advocating for violence? Why are you here advocating for violence? Del Rio is not a racist city, Del Rio is a loving, caring community,” one onlooker shouted. “We don’t want your racism in Texas, get outta here. Nobody wants your racist nonsense in Del Rio. You’re a racist, nobody wants you in Texas! Why are you not a voice for the children?”

Good questions. I suspect the answer is because the answers don’t fit the narrative he’s trying to push. Sharpton has always been a race-baiting huckster. It’s a sad commentary on society that he has achieved so much fame and power. He belongs on the dung heap of history.

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