13 October, 2021

Maher Hits the Democrats Again

Maher on Met Gala: Making Just the Servers Wear Masks Is 'Not Liberal' - Do Germs 'Know Who the Good People Are?' (breitbart.com)

Hard to argue with this:

Maher said, “I was looking at the pictures from the Met Gala…I noticed something that I’ve seen, having been out at a few parties since the pandemic began, and that is, the people going to the party don’t wear masks. But the servers wear masks. … I mean, that just — there’s something about this that’s not liberal to me. I mean, these are the liberal swells of the world, and — but if we’re all vaccinated and — do the germs know who the good people are? It just seems a little wrong.”

He added, “Let’s just make the help wear the masks, that’s the liberal approach?”

Maher further stated that if you want people to wear masks, “don’t lie and do stupid stuff with them.”

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