15 October, 2021

The Problem Is That Facebook and I Don’t Agree on Which News Sources Are ”Untrusted”

Facebook Releases ‘Content Distribution Guidelines,’ Will Target ‘Untrusted’ News | The Daily Wire

The second category, “Incentivizing Publishers to Invest in High-Quality Content,” claims to encourage publishers to produce “interesting, new material.” This category includes efforts to demote “domains with limited original content,” articles “debunked” as “False, Altered or Partly False” by “non-partisan, third party fact-checking organizations,” and posts from “untrusted” news publishers or publishers without “transparent authorship.

Perhaps the most controversial item in this category involves the demotion of “Links to Domains and Pages with High ‘Click-Gap,’” in which posts to websites that receive a “particularly disproportionate amount of their traffic directly from Facebook compared to the amount of traffic the websites receive from the rest of the Internet” are demoted.

Well, that’s great. It’s nice that Facebook now has published rules for shutting down dissenting voices.

Big Tech.

Biden’s America.

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