12 October, 2021

Huh, Who Could Have Seen That Coming?

Oh, that’s right, everyone with a brain. Which leaves out Democrats.

‘Broken’: Portland Residents Facing ‘Dramatic Increase’ In Wait Times For 911 Calls Following Efforts To Defund Police | The Daily Wire

The 911 emergency call system in Portland, Oregon, is “broken,” officials say, and callers who need help are often waiting more than two minutes for assistance, even though emergency calls are supposed to be answered in around 15 seconds.

“People calling 911 to report a Sept. 4 shootout at a Pearl District restaurant and other emergencies in the following half-hour waited an average of more than 7.5 minutes before a dispatcher answered,” the Oregonian reported. “The lengthy hold time is far above the national standard of 15 to 20 seconds for 911 calls and the latest example of serious problems plaguing the city’s emergency dispatch system.”

When you make moves that increase crime at the same time you’re cutting police budgets, you get..well, longer wait times for 911 calls aren’t the worst thing you get.

Can we just #DefundTheDemocrats instead? Would be a whole lot safer for us all.

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