16 October, 2021

We’re a Little Tired of Having To

Psaki: ‘We’re A Little Tired Of’ Republicans Criticizing Us For Biden’s Border Crisis | The Daily Wire

“There are a lot of Republicans out there giving speeches about how outraged they are about the situation at the border; not many who are putting forward solutions or steps that we could take,” Psaki claimed. “So, we’re a little tired of the speeches. We’d like to partner on solutions and working together to address this problem that has not been partisan in the past.”

Yeah, the problem is that while things were nowhere near perfect before, they were demonstrably better than they are now. And these “Republicans giving speeches” are basically saying, “hey, let’s do what was working a year ago”, and you’re saying no.

Seems like the partisan stubbornness is on your side, Jen.

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