11 October, 2021

I Don't Think They Mean "Tipping Point" in a Good Way

September jobs report tipping point for economic recovery | Fox Business

September is shaping up to be a critical month for the fate of the U.S. economy as the labor market’s recovery and the Federal Reserve’s tapering and rate-hike plans remain in limbo.

U.S. hiring slowed sharply last month as a resurgence in COVID-19 infections stunted job gains. Nonfarm payrolls added 235,000 workers in August, widely missing the 728,000 jobs that were expected. More than 1.05 million jobs were added in July.

Inflation, interest rates rising, slow job growth…well, who doesn’t want that?

Oh that’s right. Everybody.

You voted for this to get rid of Trump. I hope it was worth it.


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