16 October, 2021

Gee, I Wish Someone Had Thought of That Before

Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace On Biden’s Border Crisis: It’s Time To ‘Build A Wall’ | The Daily Wire

“I mean, to me, that is the real shame here, is our immigration policy and that it allows people to come over, it doesn’t just stop them,” Wallace continued. “And that’s what I think the real focus ought to be on. Yes, the horse story, the Border Patrol, CBP on horseback has become a story. I happen to think it’s bad. Forget the whipping for a second — and I understand that’s one of the allegations, and there doesn’t seem to be true. And the president shouldn’t have talked about strapping as he did, because that’s another word for whipping. I don’t think that the Border Patrol, they ought to be able to find a way to keep people from coming across the border. Build a fence.”

Huh. What an original idea. Build a wall. How come no one ever thought of that before?

Oh, that’s right. Someone did. Conservatives have been asking for that for 20 years. The previous administration actually started building one. Maybe if we’d kept that President for another 4 years, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

This is what you voted for. #IToldYouSo

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