14 October, 2021

Thank God the Number Is This Low

Survey: 23% of college students support violence to stop a speaker they disagree with – TheBlaze

Compared to past surveys, this year more students expressed support for silencing speakers they don't agree with, even by violent means. The survey found that 66% of students supported shouting down a campus speaker they don't agree with, an increase of 4 percentage points from FIRE's 2020 survey. Additionally, 23% supported using violence to stop a speaker, an increase of 5 percentage points from last year.

The two colleges that expressed the strongest support for violence to silence a speaker were elite women's colleges, Wellesley College and Barnard College.

Wellesley used to be famous for its liberal attitudes. Censoring free speech may be “progressive”, but it is anything but “liberal”. People should be ashamed of this poll and for creating the kind of environment where people have such attitudes.

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