14 October, 2021

Shows He Still Has a Lot of Energy, and That He’s Clearly Planning a Return

Trump, with spate of 2022 endorsements, goes where no former president’s gone before | Fox News

It’s uncharted waters for a former president to remain so immensely involved in party politics. But Trump’s no normal former president.

"Once again former President Trump is proving to march to the beat of his own drums," veteran political scientist Wayne Lesperance said. The vice president of academic affairs at New England College said the number of Trump endorsements so far this year are "unheard of in recent political memory."

I predict that the left will be extremely dispirited going into 2024. Trump may be the only candidate from the Right to be able to truly energize the Left. But he’ll probably energize the Right more than anyone else also.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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