10 October, 2021

If Chain of Custody Is Broken, the Ballot Cannot Be Counted. Period.

Roughly 43,000 absentee ballot counted in DeKalb County in 2020 violated chain of custody rule | Just The News

Look, I’m not going to try to convince you that Donald Trump (R-USA) won the election in 2020. I think there are a number of states where the official results are, shall we say, suspect.  But this kind of thing cannot happen, if we want to have faith in our elections.

More than 70% of the 61,731 absentee ballots put in drop boxes in the November 2020 presidential election in DeKalb County, Georgia, were counted and certified by officials, despite violating chain of custody requirements.

I truly doubt my dream will ever come to fruition, but I’m not going to stop harping on it. If the chain of custody is broken for a ballot, then that ballot cannot be counted. No matter what. I don’t care if that invalidates 90% of the ballots for a state. We must protect our system from voter fraud. And making this an inviolate rule will help immensely in getting to that goal. Have a judge strike down a whole swath of ballots, just once, and suddenly people will get serious about following the rules.

And then we can all believe the certified election results. Not just whatever side won.

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