10 October, 2021

A Perfect Example of the Point I Made in My Last Post

Dr. Sarah Vinson: As Trump fans gather for 'Justice for J6,' the specter of white privilege looms large (nbcnews.com)

January 6 was a nothingburger. “Justice for J6” was even less.

But the media needs you frightened, so they post garbage like this:

As Washington braces for the possibility of more political violence at the "Justice for J6" rally on Saturday, the Black community and its true allies across America await yet another specter of white privilege: the differential threat perception of and accountability for violence by white men.

Seriously, what planet do you live on?

There’s paragraphs and paragraphs on this. I won’t make you read it. I read it. Pretending that “justice has not been served” for the perpetrators of January 6. Well, that part is true. Justice hasn’t bene served. Many are stuck in jail. Their cases have not been properly dismissed.

But rioters in BLM riots were set free in 24 hours. And poor Sarah claims with a straight face that BLM people were treated much more harshly. That claim doesn’t stand up to the lightest of scrutiny, and yet it’s repeated often as if it were true.

These people are so disconnected from reality, it’s stunning. I hope they wake up soon. I hope we all wake up soon.

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