15 October, 2021

You Can’t Disagree With Big Tech–Even, or Perhaps Especially When You Know More

Facebook Fact Checkers Just Censored Peer Reviewed Science – Watts Up With That?

[Journalist Alex Newman] interviewed us, representatives for the IPCC, and several other scientists for
an article in The Epoch Times.

People began sharing Newman’s article on social media. One of Facebook’s “independent fact-checkers,” Climate Feedback, quickly stepped in. This “fact-checker” website, financially supported by Facebook, TikTok, Google News Initiative, and others, declared the article to be “incorrect” and “misleading.” Facebook then began censoring any posts sharing the link.

Alex’s crime? He discovered two peer reviewed articles posted almost simultaneously, on global warming. They had very different conclusions. He interviewed people behind both papers and posted an article based on his findings.

Facebook censored it.

Read the entire article. It shows the dangers of censoring a minority scientific opinion.

Science can’t exist without debate.

The left hates debate.

They are the anti-science party.

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