13 October, 2021

Terry McAuliffe Doesn’t Know How to Tell the Truth

In politics, always play to your strengths. His strength is lying. So, go for it.

Terry McAuliffe Employs Debunked Attacks Against GOP Opponent (freebeacon.com)

The Washington Post, whose editorial board has endorsed McAuliffe, in June admonished the Democrat for his false claim that he "inherited the largest budget deficit in the history of the state from the Republicans." PolitiFact, a fact-checking website that receives funds from liberal sources, also dinged McAuliffe in both 2015 and 2019 for the bogus assertion. Still, the Democrat in September said he "inherited a $2.4 billion deficit from the Republicans" and told a local reporter who pushed back on the claim to "do your research."

The Post on Tuesday also criticized McAuliffe for his false claim that Youngkin "wants to ban abortion," noting that the Republican supports abortion legislation that is "more restrictive than current Virginia law" but has not backed an outright ban. McAuliffe hours later told members of powerful abortion group NARAL that Youngkin "is extreme and he will ban abortions." The Democrat has also pushed forward with Facebook ads that call Youngkin "a right-wing culture warrior who wants to ban abortion in the Commonwealth."

The Virginia GOP has responded to McAuliffe's "repeated lies" by labeling the Democrat "Two-Faced Terry," a moniker that could stick if McAuliffe repeats the debunked attacks during the campaign's first general election debate, which will take place Thursday night.

You know you’ve crossed a line when you’re a Democrat getting called out for lying by The Washington Post.

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