16 October, 2021

Humans Weren’t Meant to Live Like This

COVID CULT: UC Berkeley Student Reports Being Shamed and Reprimanded After Removing Mask for Three Seconds to Drink Water in Class - Big League Politics

What kind of society are we building? Not a functional one, certainly. And not one that I want to be part of, either.

The female student explained that she was shamed and reprimanded for removing her mask for three seconds and getting a sip of water during a lecture.

“On the first day of class of about 150 people, I briefly pulled my mask down to drink some water. The class was promptly stopped by the professor to tell me and the rest of the class that it is campus policy as well as the professor’s policy that masks are to be worn over the nose and mouth at all times in lectures even to take a sip of water,” she explained to Tracey.

For merely quenching her thirst, she was ostracized by the psychopaths who have lost their critical reasoning to fear propaganda.

This is crazy.

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