05 November, 2021

Apparently, Pete Buttigieg Has Solved the Supply Chain Issues and Has Nothing Else to Do

Pete Buttigieg Decides to Go to War With Tucker Carlson – RedState

Yes, let’s battle with a TV opinion journalist over paternity leave. This has nothing to do with your job, which by the way, you’re not doing.

The country is currently facing its worst supply-chain crisis since the 1970s and Buttigieg, whose job is ostensibly to fix the situation, is making the media rounds to talk about how great it is that he disappeared for multiple months. The mind truly boggles, and it shows how little is expected from these mediocre government bureaucrats. Buttigieg failed up as an unimpressive mayor of a small town, because he checked the right identity boxes. Now, we are getting an eyeful of just how incapable he is.

Biden’s entire administration seems to have been chosen based upon what minority group checkboxes they fill, and none of them have been picked based on their actual ability to do their job.

Pete knows nothing about transportation and logistics. And the DoT is flailing around without a head, at a time when we really need one. Most administrations the head of the DoT doesn’t have to do a lot other than not get in the way. That’s not the case here.

We need real leadership here, and what we’re getting is someone more interested in social justice and social justice battles than in actually doing his job.

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