05 November, 2021

No, They’re Talking About ”Whips” and Vax Mandates and Gender Identity, and Anything Else Other Than the Real Problems That Face America

Rep. Dingell: White House, Democrats not talking about inflation | One America News Network (oann.com)

And this criticism is from a Democrat, mind you.

Michigan Democrat Rep. Debbie Dingell confessed the White House isn’t addressing major concerns in talks over Joe Biden’s spending agenda.

During an interview with CNN on Monday, Dingell said there’s not much of a discussion on the issue of skyrocketing inflation. Dingell stressed Biden and congressional Democrats are focused on passing Biden’s spending and infrastructure bills, but aren’t considering the consequences.

They’re focused on their agenda.

They aren’t focused on the country’s problems.

Which is why we have so many, and why we’re going to have more and they’re going to get worse.

This administration is mind-bogglingly clueless.

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