05 November, 2021

“Murky” Would Not Be a Word They Would Use if the Roles Were Reversed Here

AP Slams Youngkin For Citing of "Murky Case" of Rape - Victory Girls Blog

Glenn Youngkin wants voters in Virginia to hear an urgent message: Your children are in danger.

In a speech in Northern Virginia’s suburbs last week, the Republican candidate for governor highlighted the murky case of a student who allegedly committed sex crimes in two area schools.

Murky? Murky? While it is proper for an alleged news organization to report charges that have not reached final adjudication as “alleged”, the word murky implies that there is something suspicious or dishonest about those charges.

So much for “Believe All Women”

Suddenly, it’s “murky” when a Democrat is in trouble.

The girl was raped.

She was raped because Virginia schools allow boys in girls bathrooms.

This is not murky.

This is a failure of policy. One that was entirely predictable, and in fact was predicted by many.

But Democrats decided that appealing to a minority constituency was more important than parental concerns about their children’s safety.

And now that the predictable has happened, they want to distance themselves from the whole situation. They can’t. And Youngkin is right to hammer McAuliffe on this. He should hit him hard. Over and over and over.

And AP is stupid to try to cover for McAuliffe on this. They make themselves looks ridiculous.

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