06 November, 2021

The Numbers Show That the Fear Is Not Justified

How deadly is COVID-19, really? – Behind The Black – Robert Zimmerman

Using an estimate of 150 million infected and 734,000 dead, we find that 99.5% of the population survives COVID with no problem. And once again, remember, that half percent who died were generally all either sick or elderly, usually both, and with many sadly in their last year or so of life anyway.

He bases those numbers on estimates from the CDC. If we stick to confirmed cases, the numbers are a little scarier.

For the sake of argument, let’s use the lowest number of confirmed cases, 45.3 million, and the highest number of deaths, 737.3 thousand. With those numbers we find that 98.4% of the population who contracted COVID survived the virus. Once again, of the 1.6% that died, the large majority were in that elderly and sick population.

And many of these deaths occurred before we understood how to treat the disease. We understand better now. And better drugs are coming along. So, expect the CFR to continue to fall.

These actual numbers do suggest that COVID-19 was more dangerous than the common flu, but not significantly so. In fact, they show that it was comparable to many other new respiratory diseases, such as the Hong Kong flu and Spanish flu, which when each first arrived in the U.S were more deadly but within one or two flu seasons lost that potency. In all cases however that early potency has always, and still does, strike those who are already vulnerable. The healthy population is not threatened in any significant way by the disease.

So, what should we finally conclude, based on this data. What they tell me is that — beyond a shadow of a doubt — if you are young or not sick with a chronic illness, which describes practically the entire population, COVID simply cannot kill you. It will make you sick for a few weeks, after which you recover. In some cases the recovery takes longer, with some rare individuals having longer term health consequences, but for almost everyone, the virus comes, goes, and leaves no harm behind.

I know many young people who have had it. It put them in bed for a couple days, and then they were fine. I know some older people who suffered a bit more, but they all pulled through too.

More below. Emphasis mine.

Furthermore, there is strong evidence that if you immediately take measures to treat the virus when you get symptoms, such as taking hyrdochloquine plus zinc, or ivermectin, you lower the disease’s potency even more.

In other words, COVID-19 is essentially identical to every other flu-like respiratory illness. There is no need to fear it like the plague, because it is not the plague. It is nothing like it.

While extreme measures might have been justified at the very beginning of this epidemic — based on the paucity of available data — the facts no longer justify such actions. It is time to take a breath, remove the mask, open the stores and bars, and resume normal life. Other countries, like Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, have. There is no reason the U.S. shouldn’t as well.

It is not the plague.It’s time to stop treating it that way, and treat it how we treat other flu-like diseases.

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