06 November, 2021

Petty Little Tyrants in L.A.

Today’s blacklisted Americans: Los Angeles government bans the unvaccinated from society – Behind The Black – Robert Zimmerman

I keep trying to decide if they’re really scared, or just using the China virus to get more control over us.

Persecution is now cool! On Octover 6th the Los Angeles city council joined a number of other cities in California as well as New York and voted to restrict access to most of society for anyone who has not gotten vaccinated against COVID.

Under the new law, businesses must require proof of vaccination when customers enter indoor facilities, including coffee shops, gyms, museums, bowling alleys, spas and a range of other venues.

I’m pretty sure I’d go the In-and-Out Burger route. Put the signs up telling people they have to be masked and vaccinated, then ignore the signs. It’s not my job to enforce your tyrannical rules. You want ‘em enforced? You post a guard at my establishment and you do the checking yourself. Otherwise, leave me out of it.

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