04 November, 2021

Heh, This One Is Actually Funny

Activist lectures U. North Carolina students about ‘right-handed privilege’ | The College Fix

As a left-handed person, I could get on board with this. All desks at schools are right-handed. Notebooks and binders are right-handed. It’s hard to find good left-handed scissors.

And don’t get me started on pencils.

Parle asserted that right-handed privilege is yet another system, explaining that it has “made left-handed people invisible by setting the standard.” A slide explaining the advantages of being aligned with systems of power and another on the privileges of right-handedness emphasized how “this system supports, empowers, and advantages the right folks,” while it “disempowers, or sometimes harms, the left folks.” After a moment of consideration, the labels of “right-handedness” and “right-handed privilege” were replaced with “whiteness” and “white privilege.” Next, the words “able-bodied” and “ability privilege” were shown, drawing a direct conflation between the various culprits of systematic harm.

Yes, i felt discriminated against while growing up because I was left-handed. But I just took it as a challenge to show that I was better than everyone else. It wasn’t too much of a struggle, and I figured I was pretty damn smart, so that more than outweighed what little “handicap” I had by being left-handed.

But with all the whining from various groups, I admit I find this one interesting. I wonder if I can get reparations from someone…

I’m kidding. I mean, I totally agree that lefties face struggles that righties don’t. But so what. We all have struggles. Deal with them. Or give up on life. But don’t whine about it. I’m not interested in hearing your whines.

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