06 November, 2021

Oh, so She Was Asking for It?

I thought that rapist defense went out with bell bottom jeans and Jimmy Carter.

Washington Post Reporter Frames Loudoun County Sexual Assault In Way Paper Would Not Frame Other Accusations | The Daily Wire

Ok, so the girl in question is a slut. I’m sure reading that in the paper is going to continue to make the dad happy.

But she didn’t go in there for consensual sex this time. Unless the paper is trying to bring that into question.

What happened to #BelieveAllWomen

I didn’t realize it was #BelieveAllWomenNotClaimingToBeAttackedBySomeoneInAProtectedGroup

That doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well.

This is a disgusting attack.

More from Daily Wire:

The wording of the tweet didn’t make it clear that the female victim had sex with the same student in the bathroom prior to her accusation of sexual assault. Jouvenal’s article on the case makes this clear:

During the hearing, the 15-year-old victim in the first case testified she had consensual sexual encounters with the defendant on two occasions in a girls’ bathroom at Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn. On May 28, she said, the two arranged to meet again and the youth threw her to the floor and forced her to perform sex acts.

What made the final encounter different, according to the female victim’s testimony, is that the male student forced her to perform a sex act she had repeatedly refused to participate in. As the Post reported, the victim and the perpetrator had “sexually charged” conversations on a social media app prior to the assault, during which the young woman repeatedly refused to participate in a particular sex act desired by her attacker. One day before the assault, the victim was hospitalized “because of a health condition that made her weak, and the defendant ‘utilized her physical helplessness’ to take advantage of her,” the Post reported.

“He flipped me over,” the girl testified, per the Post. “I was on the ground and couldn’t move and he sexually assaulted me.”

Jouvenal’s tweet about the article generated a backlash online, with conservative comedian Tim Young wrote: “Oh look… the Washington Post victim blames teens who were raped now.” Gov. Ron DeSantis’ press secretary, Christina Pushaw, wrote: “So what you’re saying is ‘she asked for it’?”

Yes, I see that Christina Pushaw and I had the same reaction.

Once again, this is disgusting, but not surprising. Very little from the left surprises me anymore. They’re all just horrible people.


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