01 November, 2021

There Is No Good Press for DeSantis. It’s Not Allowed.

The left is terrified of this man.

COVID-19 Cases Have Almost Vanished from Florida – PJ Media

Left-leaning media has long had a pathetic, cruel obsession with bashing the Sunshine State, mainly because of its outspoken Republican governor.

The Acela Corridor elites have been proven wrong over and over, and once infections and deaths across Florida began dropping well over a month ago, they finally relented.

Now, on a per capita basis, Florida posted fewer cases than every state but California last week.

But in August, when the Delta variant hit the South, the left effectively cheered deaths and couldn’t stop taking partisan shots.

But now they’re silent.

Odd that.

Particularly since they were so effusive with their praise for Soon-to-be-incarcerated former Governor Andrew Cuomo(R-NY State Penitentiary).

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