06 November, 2021

You Mean They Lied to Us? Really?

The Death Of Marriage Proves Social Conservatives Were Right About Sex (thefederalist.com)

During the same-sex marriage debates, LGBT activists professed outrage at the suggestion that polygamy might be next. Now, less than a decade later, they are vigorously pushing us down the slippery slope they insisted didn’t exist. Rod Dreher’s law of merited impossibility has an obvious corollary: “That will never happen, and it will be awesome when it does.”

The sexual revolution’s redefinition of family was never going to stop with same-sex marriage, but few on the left have had the courage to say no to the expansion of the alphabet agenda. People who insisted same-sex marriage would have no effect on the rest of us now want to punish dissenters who don’t want to promote and celebrate same-sex weddings.

Huh. So, all of us who predicted this and were scoffed at and mocked turned out to be correct.

Imagine that.

It’s almost as if the Left intentionally lies to us to move the Overton Window and promote their agenda.


However, my response on this has always been consistent.

Marriage is a religious construct, not a state construct. I don’t believe the state should recognize my marriage or yours, no matter whom you’re married to.

So, you want to marry someone from the same gander, or multiple someones, or someone from a different species, take it up with your church. If the church agrees with you, fine. If not, then either find a new church that does, or shut up. Either way, I don’t care. It doesn’t affect me.

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