03 November, 2021

I’m Starting to Think That Instagram Is the Worst of the Social Media Bullies

Instagram to block some users from posting links (reclaimthenet.org)

Since Monday, some Instagram users have been receiving a notification that they will no longer be able to use “link stickers,” a feature used by many users to post links to external sites.

Some users told Reclaim The Net that they had received several warnings about sharing “misinformation” before the message appeared that they would soon no longer be about to link outside of Instagram.

So, if you get tagged with this, you can’t post links to external sites on your Instagram account.

Why not?

No answer. And then there’s this.

“Starting October 25, you will no longer have access to the link sticker because you have shared content that violates our Community Guidelines,” the message Instagram is sending to some users states.

There’s no option to appeal the censorship.

Arbitrary punishments with no way to appeal don’t seem like a good business model to me, but what do I know?

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