03 November, 2021

Education Issues Have Become an Albatross Around Terry McAuliffe’s Neck

Make no mistake. These are self-inflicted wounds.

Youngkin Expects to Ride Education Issues to victory – PJ Media

Terry McAuliffe wanted to shore up his support among the powerful teachers’ unions. The teachers and their allies on school boards have had a pretty rough go of it recently. Concerned parents had been showing up at school board meetings to complain about the curriculum their kids are being taught.

The arrogant school board members sought to silence the parents, basically telling them to sit down and shut up. The president of the national school board association had sent a letter to the president asking the federal government to treat the threats from some parents as “domestic terrorism.”

And then McAuliffe stuck his foot in it. “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach,” he said during a debate with Youngkin.

That remark opened the floodgates of passionate opposition by parents and gave a power boost to Youngkin’s campaign.

Virtually overnight, Youngkin flipped the board on McAuliffe. After losing by double digits to the Democrat among independents in most polls. Youngkin now has a double-digit lead among indies. And Youngkin has drawn nearly even with McAuliffe among female voters after trailing badly.

This was entirely predictable. Parents are protective over their children. If you tell parents that they are terrorists or even just plain wrong for protecting their children, they’re not going to vote for you.

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