03 November, 2021

Maybe You Shouldn’t Have Voted for Him

Every Day, Biden Smells Like More of a Loser (yahoo.com)

You call yourself a “conservative”, and you voted for him. The rest of us “conservatives” saw this coming. He’s suffering from clear mental deterioration and wasn’t that bright to begin with. All of this was obvious before the election. You missed it, or chose to ignore it. So, you’re the one that smells like more of a Loser.

Had Biden aggressively moved to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill, he would likely have garnered dozens of Republican votes, and progressives would have likely either caved to his will or been shown to be impotent. This is my counterfactual analysis, at least.

Instead, though, Biden let progressives press him into (sort of) linking passage of the bipartisan bill with a $3.5 trillion social welfare reconciliation package. By trying to have it all, there’s now a chance that he could get neither.

Why would an experienced former senator and vice president—who spent his career working across the aisle—make this mistake?

See above. The mistake was thinking that he’d actually be competent. And that’s on you.

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