04 November, 2021

It Is Not Too Much of a Stretch to Call This an Act of War Against Israel

Biden Counters Trump, Plans U.S. Consulate For Palestinians In Jerusalem: Report | The Daily Wire

President Biden is reportedly planning to unilaterally impose the opening of a U.S. consulate for Palestinians in Jerusalem despite the Israeli government’s opposition, with some members of Israel’s Foreign Ministry calling the move an “introduction to the division of Jerusalem.”

This is completely wrong, and can’t be done without the permission of the country containing Jerusalem, i.e. Israel.

Having two diplomatic delegations in one city means the division of Jerusalem. There is no other possible meaning. It is a finger in Israel’s eye. If the Americans take such a unilateral measure, it will not only be a violation of the Vienna Convention, but also an American message that the great United States is not capable of respecting its most loyal partners. It is liable to have a very strong effect on relations with the Americans. …

There are no words to describe the size of the catastrophe if we do not act to prevent this. As soon as the United States unilaterally opens a consulate for the Palestinians, other countries could take similar measures, and then we will have lost the ability to stop such a process in the future.

Sometimes you need a word stronger than “NO”.

God, what a crock. Is he really this clueless? Or just that much of an anti-Semite? I don’t know which one would be worse.

You voted for this. Are you ready yet to admit how stupid that was? Admitting your mistake is the first step to correcting it.

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