03 November, 2021

This Is Absolutely Horrible

Right here in Indiana, too. Ugh.

Covid Unvaxxed Teen Boy Denied Medical Treatment - Victory Girls Blog

The mother, in this case, brings her teen boy in to be checked because he is not feeling well. The young man looks athletic. What we don’t see before the mother starts filming is that the Nurse Practitioner has already diagnosed the teen with sinusitis, an ear infection and bronchitis. Then, because the teen has not been vaccinated for Covid, the Nurse Practitioner refuses to prescribe antibiotics. That is when the mother starts filming. This is short. Don’t miss a second:

With any luck, this nurse will be terminated and never allowed to work in healthcare again.

Yes, I know that doing so might add to the healthcare worker crisis, but doesn’t seem like much of a loss in this case, since she’s not actually providing healthcare!

Much like my last couple of posts, the word “evil” springs to mind.


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