05 November, 2021

And It’s Not Going to Get Any Better

Youngkin On Biden: This Is ‘What A Failed Presidency Looks Like’ | The Daily Wire

Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin, who has pulled dead even with his Democratic opponent, is targeting President Biden, saying he has a “failed presidency,”

“You can’t help but look at President Biden and recognize what a failed presidency looks like,” Youngkin said on Fox News. “I mean, you look at Afghanistan, you look at the border, you look at our economy, you look at the fact that everything he’s doing seems to be making America worse, and I’m going to go to work and make Virginia better.”

He’s smart to tie former Governor Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) to President Joe Biden (D-USA). Biden is flailing around miserably, and is an anchor for McAuliffe.

And it doesn’t hurt that everything Youngkin is saying is true. Can McAuliffe really deny it? Is he going to try to convince Virginians that Biden is doing well? Good luck with that.

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