02 November, 2021

These Are the People Our President Left in Charge in Afghanistan

Kinder, Gentler Taliban Behead Female Volleyball Player - Victory Girls Blog

This is sickening.

The Taliban killed a female volleyball player last month. They beheaded her. It was something we knew would happen, but hoped and prayed it wouldn’t.

As we noted in our coverage of the Afghanistan crisis, the kinder, gentler Taliban was and is, in fact, the same Taliban who nearly destroyed Afghanistan all those years ago. The same terrorists that Obama freed from GITMO are once again running the country. And they are imposing their rules right and left.

The Taliban imposed further restrictions on female city government employees in Afghanistan’s capital on Thursday, barring many from returning to work next week in a sign that the group will continue to restrict women’s rights despite two decades of freedoms under the previous government.

Women are now restricted from working, going to school, and playing sports. In fact, as we noted a couple of months ago during the height of the Afghanistan debacle, sports teams and musical groups went into hiding because they KNEW what the Biden Administration and the stupid asshats at the State Department refused to acknowledge. The Taliban are and always will be terrorists.

Thanks, Joe.

Every death like this is on your hands.

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