04 November, 2021

At Least as Long as Clueless Joe Is in the White House

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Signals Trouble Over How Long Inflation Will Continue To Remain High | The Daily Wire

“So let me ask you about that, because this rising inflation is hitting Americans’ wallets hard, impacting everything from gas prices to groceries,” Tapper said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“When do you expect the inflation to get back to the 2 percent range, which is considered normal?” Tapper asked. “2022? 2023? When?”

“Well, I expect that to happen next year,” Yellen responded. “Monthly rates of inflation have already fallen substantially from the very high rates that we saw in the spring and early summer. On a 12-month basis, the inflation rate will remain high into next year because of what’s already happened. But I expect improvement by the end of — by the middle to end of next year, second half of next year.”

Notice that she starts to say “end of next year” and corrects herself, because she doesn’t want to scare Tapper. But that’s what she thinks. And it always lasts longer than they expect. So, I think we’ll be seeing high inflation well into 2023.


Biden’s America.

You voted for this.


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