05 November, 2021

Reliable Sources Maintain That Voter Fraud Is a Myth

Three Detroit-Area Women Busted for Voter Fraud--How Many More Are There? – PJ Media

Nursing home employee Trenae Myesha Rainey was busted for forging the names of roughly 24 patients on absentee ballot applications. She is only charged with three counts of forging a signature on absentee ballot applications and three counts of election law forgery.

Nancy J. Williams, 55, owns a company that handles legal guardianships. She was busted in October of 2020 for trying to obtain absentee ballots for at least 14 and up to 26 people who are deemed legally incapacitated. Michigan election officials found absentee ballot requests marked with an “X,” all of which were requested to be sent to Williams’ company, Guardian and Associates.

Williams’ lawyer, Andrea Bradley, claims Williams did nothing outside the scope of legal guardianship, though she is charged with 42 counts of election-fraud-related crimes in five district courts.

The only fraudster to cast a vote, according to Nessel, was Carless Clark, who was busted for impersonating her grandson. He voted in person but she sent in a ballot in his name.

True, these are small numbers. These wouldn’t swing an election. But how many more of these people are out there? What assurances do we have that these are the only ones? I suspect this is a tip of the iceberg scenario. 80% are invisible.

But I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about.

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