01 November, 2021

Trump Was Open and Transparent. Biden Is Lying and Opaque.

‘Bunker Mentality’: Biden Has Done Six Times Less Press Interviews Than Trump As President | The Daily Wire

The headline should read “fewer”, not “less”, but I’m no the grammar police.

President Joe Biden has done just 10 extensive interviews with journalists since taking office, far fewer than either of his last two predecessors.

Biden’s number of interviews is nearly six times less than former President Donald Trump had done by the same time in his presidency. The difference is much more stark compared to former President Barack Obama, who had completed 131 interviews by the same time, according to former CBS White House reporter Mark Knoller.

He doesn’t have anything good to say, and he’s incapable of speaking coherently in public except at carefully medicated and short intervals.

Clueless Joe.

It’s time to invoke the 25th Amendment.

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