04 November, 2021

So, if Government Agencies Are Overwhelmingly Made up of Liberals, What Does That Tell You?

EYEROLL: Biden Administration Finds 'Structural Racism' Throughout Government – PJ Media

Let’s put two and two together here.

I get “Structural Racism comes from the left”.

What did you get?

As part of Joe Biden woke virtue-signaling initiatives, on his first day in office, he ordered all federal agencies to examine their policies to uncover any “structural racism” that might be in place.

While the deadline for their reports is overdue, the White House has been mum about how many reports it received. Meanwhile, the Washington Times surveyed a dozen departments and agencies, which “revealed widespread concerns about the government shortchanging people of color, including in farm aid, visits to national parks and the disbursement of unemployment benefits.”

That’s awful.

Who is in charge of all of these things.



It’s almost like liberals are racists.


Yeah, think on that some. And remember, liberals were on the wrong side in the Civil War. Liberals were on the wrong side during the Civil Rights Movement.

Leopards don’t change their spots.

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